Practice Areas
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Agrochemical Law
Law of Succession
Sports Law
International Law


Agrochemical/Plant Protection Law

  • Application for public registrations
  • Advice on labelling
  • EU parallel and third country imports
  • Representation before civil courts (in particular as regards unfair competition)


  • Conception of general terms and conditions
  • Conception of import and export agreements

Commercial Law

  • General commercial law advice (Commercial transactions, commercial procuration, commercial power of attorney etc.)
  • Conception of contracts on commercial agency
  • Advice on issues of bill of exchange and cheque law

Communications, Information Technology and Media

  • Conception of E-Commerce transactions in compliance with consumer protection law
  • Lawful conception of websites
  • Regulatory Advice
  • Outsourcing
  • Conception of contracts
  • Internet Domains

Construction Law (both civil and public law)

  • Application for building permits / objection to building permits
  • Representation in objection proceedings before public bodies
  • Representation before the administrative courts
  • Advice on construction project management (e.g. construction contracts, public private-partnerships etc.)
  • Litigation in the field of building defects (particularly according to VOB/B)

Contract Law incl. International Contract Law

  • Conception and review of all contracts related to business law (e.g. international cooperation of companies, joint ventures, etc.)

Corporate Law

  • Conception and modification of articles of association
  • Preparation and contestation of shareholders’ resolutions
  • Advice on the conduct of shareholders’ meetings
  • Ongoing corporate advice (e.g. preparation of applications for enrolment in the
  • commercial register)
  • Conception of D&O contracts
  • Advice on company law relating to groups

Data Protection Law

  • Conception of a company’s internal data protection system (employees’ and customers’ data)
  • Lawful conception of websites
  • Data transfer outside the EU (e.g. in the context of outsourcing)
  • Conception of agreements on third-party data processing

Employment Law

  • Conception of employment contracts
  • Restructuring Advice
  • Advice on the termination of employment contracts
  • Conception of employer’s certificates
  • Representation before the labour courts

EU Law

  • EU parallel imports (plant protection law)
  • Competition law
  • Customs law
  • Institutional law

General Terms and Conditions

  • Conception and review of general terms and conditions (e.g. regarding purchase and sales, export)
    • under German law
    • under the CISG

Insolvency Law

  • Advice for insolvency creditors
  • Representation in creditors’ committees
  • Development of restructuring concepts

Intellectual Property

  • Application for trademark registration
  • Representation before the civil courts (in particular with regard to interim injunctions)
  • Licence agreements
  • Litigation in the field of unfair competition
  • Registration of IP rights / preparatory and ongoing advice

International Private Law

  • Optimisation of the contractual choice of governing law
  • Review of international business models as regards compatibility with the “ordre public”

Law of Foundations

  • Conception of acts and articles of foundation
  • Tax-optimised conception of foundations

Law of Testamentary and Business Successions

  • Conception of a will
  • Testamentary execution
  • Assertion of claims under the law of succession
  • Optimised conception of business successions as regards tax and corporate law

Liability for Medical Malpractice

  • Negligent medical treatment
  • Advice on medical documentation duties

Mergers and Acquisitions/Restructuring

  • Conception and negotiation of M&A contract (Share Deal / Asset Deal)
  • Due Diligence
  • Transfer of employees
  • Restructuring concepts
  • Transformation of companies
  • Tax law advice

National and International Agency and Distributorships

  • Conception of agreements on commercial agency, commission, franchising and distributorships
  • Conception of settlement agreements
  • In particular: advice on the agent’s compensatory claim
  • Litigation / Representation before arbitration courts

Product Liability

  • Assertion of product liability claims
  • Defence against product liability claims
  • Representation before civil courts

Real Estate

  • Transfer and encumbrance of real property (e.g. conception of contracts)
  • Advice on securitisation (e.g. in the context of bank loans)
  • Professional liability of architects and engineers

Sports Law

  • Representation of federations, clubs and sportsmen before arbitration courts and state courts
  • Conception of contracts (employment contracts, sponsoring contracts etc.)

Tax Consultancy, Accountancy

  • Ongoing tax advice (in particular with regard to corporate tax, turnover tax, general commercial tax, income tax, succession tax, tax on the acquisition of real estate etc.)
  • Ongoing advice with regard to accountancy and book-keeping
  • Preparation of tax declarations
  • Preparation of balance sheets / annual accounts
  • Advice on tax audits