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International Competence

The firm is continuously working for international clients, and the support of international legal matters and transactions is a regular part of the mandates entrusted to the firm. Correspondence in international mandates is also conducted in English.

Since its foundation, the law firm has been a member of the international English-speaking network "Legalink", which is represented by over 3000 lawyers in more than 50 countries worldwide. We have established long-standing relationships with many of the member law firms, which are based on a large number of cooperation agreements. For many years, Dr. Ouart has maintained close personal contacts with renowned colleagues worldwide. A short presentation about Legalink can be found here.

The international "Legalink" member firms cooperate in joint projects across law firms in order to offer their clients tailor-made solutions. For example, German companies can realize projects in Europe, the USA, Central and South America, Asia, Australia and numerous other countries worldwide through cooperation with "Legalink" law firms. Similarly, clients of other "Legalink" member firms can carry out projects in Germany through cooperation with the German "Legalink" firms. In Germany "Legalink" is represented by three business law firms in Freiburg, Frankfurt and Berlin.

If you are planning international projects, you can be advised from A to Z by the law firm Dr. Ouart and Collegen. Whether you want to establish, change, buy or sell a company abroad, whether you need contracts for real estate, distribution, labour law, licences and much more, or whether you are seeking product approvals in the life science sector (agrochemical products, biocides, seeds, pharmaceuticals, veterinary drugs) in other countries, you can take advantage of the firm's worldwide contacts and experience. The law firm has cooperation partners through "Legalink", among others in:

Europe: Amsterdam · Berlin · Bratislava · Brussels · Budapest · Copenhagen · Douglas · Frankfurt · Freiburg · Helsinki · Istanbul · Kyiv · Lisbon · Liverpool · London · Luxembourg · Madrid · Milan · Moscow · Munich · Nicosia · Oslo · Paris · Prague · Rome · Sofia · Stockholm · Vaduz · Warsaw · Vienna · Zurich
Worldwide: Argentina · Australia · Brazil · Cambodia · Chile · China (Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai) · Colombia · Dominican Republic · Egypt · India · Indonesia · Israel · Japan (Tokyo) · Kuwait · Lebanon · Malaysia · Mexico · New Zealand · Panama · Peru · Philippines · Singapore · South Africa (Johannesburg) · South Korea · Thailand · Tunisia · United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi) · Uruguay· USA (New York, Washington D.C., Columbus, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh) · Vietnam